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This page lists all available extensions for App Inventor and its distributions like , WxBit Chinese version and Niotron.

See the App Inventor Extensions document about how to use an App Inventor Extension. For extension developers, also the document App Inventor Annotations might be helpful.

For questions about extensions or bug reports, please start a new thread in the App Inventor Extensions forum. For feature requests please contact me by email. To be a sponsor of a new method already is possible starting from only 10 USD! With your contribution you will help the complete App Inventor community. Thank you.

How to avoid runtime errors with the companion app

  1. After importing an extension, please restart the companion app.
  2. If you like to use an extension on a different screen, in Screen1 additionally drag the extension into the working area.

While starting the companion app, all necessary assets and also the imported extensions of your project will be copied to your device. So in case the no such class error shows up, the extension code to run the extension is not available on your device. Without that code the companion app is not able to execute methods from the extension.

In case restarting the companion app does not work for you after trying several times, then as it looks like the only way for you to test you app will be after building it using the apk file.

Available Extensions at Pura Vida Apps

Account Manager Extension to get some information about the user

AES Encryption Extension to encrypt/decrypt strings

Alarm Extension to set an alarm or a timer programmatically. Also a repeating alarm is now possible.

2020-11 Alarm Manager Extension with Notification to send a notification at a given time only once, hourly or daily. After clicking the notification your app will be started.You can define a start text, which will be passed to your app in method 'get plain start text' and trigger some action after your app is started. Also of course works if your app is not running. You also can define several alarms, just use a different id for each alarm.

2020-11 Audio Capture Extension to capture the audio of other applications (usage type MEDIA, GAME and UNKNOWN) using the new Audio Playback Capture API in Android 10.

Barometer Sensor Extension to get the current pressure and altitude

Battery Manager Extension to provide battery information

Billing Extension to use Google In-App Billing in your App Inventor app for Products (both non-consumable and consumable) and Subscriptions.

Classic Bluetooth Extension to enable/disable bluetooth without user interaction, scan, pair/unpair devices

Camera Extension to take pictures programmatically without user interaction.

Clipboard Extension to copy/paste text to/from the clipboard

Exif Extension to read and write Exif tags in a JPEG file or a RAW image file.

File Extension is an extension related to the File component

Flashlight Extension to turn on/off the flashlight.

FTP Extension to upload or download files to/from your server via FTP

Headset Plug Status Extension to get the headset plug status.

Hotspot Extension (DEPRECATED) to toggle wifi hotspot on or off.

Image Extension to do some basic image manipulation.

Image Metadata Extension to read the metadata of an image file

Light Sensor Extension to get the illuminance

Magnetic Sensor Extension to get magnetic X, Y, Z and absolute field strength

Mail Extension to send emails via SMTP

Math Extension to parse a mathematical expression

Simple Notification Extension to send a notification

2020-11 Notification Listener Extension to listen to all notifications of your device. This service runs in the backround also if your app is closed. It will listen to all notifications and stores them in TinyDB (aka shared preferences).

Package manager Extension to get information about installed apps and to be able to launch an installed app using a package name.

Pdf Extension to open pdf files and render a specific page (without using an external app).

Settings Extension to get/set the brightness of the display and get/set/play a ringtone

Take Screenshot Extension to take a screenshot

Sharing Extension offers the functionality of the Sharing component with some modifications

Speech Recognizer Extension offers the functionality of the Speech Recognizer component and some additional blocks

SQlite Extension to access the local SQlite database

Telephony Manager Extension to get some information from the telephony manager.

Ambient Temperature Sensor Extension to get the ambient temperature in Celcius.

Textbox Extension to get/set cursor position, to highlight text, to have an event, which fires after text changed

Texting Extension, read all SMS from the inbox, draft and sent folders.

Tools Extension, a collection of several tools, which do not need additional permissions.

WiFi Extension offers some useful blocks to use in a wireless lan

Zip Extension to zip/unzip files.

For questions about App Inventor,
please ask in the App Inventor community.Thank you.

Further Extensions on other pages

1. MIT App Inventor



Internet of Things

2. Mad Robots

3. Makeblock

4. Thunkable

Note: I received a message, that these exensions are outdated and are not longer working. Also Thunkable removed the documentation of these extensions.

5. Appybuilder

6. Mika -

The webpage to download the extensions unfortunately does not exist anymore.
But you can still can download them here.

7. Helios aka Vishwas Adiga

Note: You only can use one extension developed by this developer for a specific project. Using more as one extension results in DX execution failed error. The developer seems to be not very interested in fixing this bug for the community, it would take him only 5 minutes... For details see also here.

8. Pavitra

9. Andres Daniel Cotes -

10. Sander -

Note: Sander does not provide these extensions anymore, because those have been added as components into Kodular.

11. Luke Gackle

12. ILoveThunkable aka Ben aka Moliata

13. Juan Antonio -

14. Jerin Jacob

15. ColinTree -

16. Mirxtrem Apps

17. Red Panda -

18. Jonny Steyver Arroyo Quiroga -

Note: To be able to get some of these extensions, you have to pay in MitCoins (a virtual currency of that webpage)

19. Said Dev -

20. Carlos Pedroza

21. Tiziano1960

22. Kus Zab

23. crazynsoni

24. Shivendra Kr Sahu

25. Daniel -

26. Zhangzqs

27. Ivan Moreno

28. Ahmad Mtrd

29. Ken

30. Deep Host - - Deep Host Youtube channel

Note: To be able to get an extension of this developer, you have to download an app from Google Play. Also it looks like he does not update his website anymore, so unfortunately I can't list new extensions anymore.

Note: The developer is not active in the forum and answers only sometimes to emails...

31. Stormi aka MeteorCoder aka Nathan

32. Aravind Chowdary

33. Django

34. Apkdeveloper

35. wanttobe

36. ScorpioNormal

37. Androteq aka Rachit Singh

38. App Droid Development

39. Marco Tanzi

40. Peter Zhong

41. Abhijith Dominic

42. Cian O'Sullivan

43. Gobhi Vines

44. Souvik Bera

Note: Unfortunately Souvik Bera removed all threads about his extensions in the Kodular community.

45. Yusuf Cihan

46. Andre Castro

47. cttricks aka Tanish Raj

48. vknow360 aka Sunny Gupta

49. krishjha07

50. wangsk789 aka Kevin Kun

51. DeveloperLeo aka Utkarsh

52. Cristopher Salazar

53. Techno_Vedang

54. avmcreators02

55. Preet_Vadaliya

56. BodyMindPower aka Anke

57. Amit_Narwal

58. jarlissonlira2

59. ontstudios

60. DevYB aka Ayoub Mounchid

61. Atom_Developer -

62. fahadboss10

63. memopolis aka Guillermo Vidal -

64. Flag_Dz

65. Robert

66. varsha

67. Srrazmi

Note: It seems to be, this developer is only interested in himself, unfortunately he does not care about any naming conventions.

68. Automate_MyProject aka Hema Srinivas

69. Mohamed_Tamer

70. Arslan_Prince

71. Kumaraswamy_B.G aka Xoma

72. WatermelonIce

73. Matanel325 aka Matanel Shmailov

74. techhamara91

75. airD

76. hemantadahaloficial aka Hemanta Dahal

77. aditya_chaturvedi

78. sonumohammad333

79. Jewel_Miah aka Jewel Jony

80. Salman_Dev

81. The_K_Studio aka Kiran M.

82. Ulli

83. Arjan Gupta aka newbiedeveloper

84. Others

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