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Aug 26th, 2016: Initial Version released


This extension enables you to set an alarm programmatically for devices > API Level 9, Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).
Required permission:
Note: You will have to build the app to be able to test it, because the companion app does not offer the required permission.


Returns whether user interface should be skipped.

Specifies whether user interface should be skipped. Default is true.


Set alarm.


Event raised after setting the alarm.

Example App: Set Alarm


Note: you have to build the app to be able to use this method!

Questions and Answers

Q1: I find it a bit strange that your error messages say something like "hour should be < 24" while you just test for the text field being empty.
A: Yes, you are correct. The better solution is to check for empty string and additionally for hour < 24 and minute < 60.

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Download TaifunAlarm extension (aix file)
Download Set Alarm Test (aia file)
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