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Mar 24th, 2016: Initial Version 1 for App Inventor version ai2extensions7 and Companion version 2.36cdk1

Apr 20th, 2016: Version 2: password protection added

Aug 11th, 2016: Version 2a: avoid DX execution failed error: build each extension separately


Extension to zip/unzip files including password protection (AES 256 encryption).
Required permissions: android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
Thank you Detlef for being the sponsor of this extension!
Thank you Edmark for being the sponsor of the password protection!
This extension uses the Zip4j library. Thank you Srikanth!


Returns whether Warnings should be suppressed

Specifies whether Warnings should be suppressed


Zip a directory.
Optionally use password to protect the zip file using AES 256 Encryption.

Unzip file.
Use password to unzip AES 256 password protected files.


Event indicating that a Zip has finished.
The created zip file name will be provided in parameter zipFileName

Event indicating that an Unzip has finished.
Parameter fileList will contain the list of files, which have been extracted.

Example Use



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Download TaifunZip extension (aix file)
Download Zip/Unzip test project (apk file)
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