App Inventor - Amazon SimpleDBTM interface

App Inventor - Amazon SimpleDBTM interface

Available for App Inventor 2!

What is Amazon SimpleDBTM?

Amazon SimpleDBTM is a highly available and flexible non-relational data store that offloads the work of database administration. Developers simply store and query data items via web services requests and Amazon SimpleDB does the rest.

This App Inventor example project uses the RESTful interface. Actually the interface is simple ;-) (see screenshots below), the only problem is to sign the REST request, but this problem I already solved for you! And if you take a closer look at that documentation, you will realize, that this was the ugly part...

Thank you Henk for being the sponsor of this tutorial!

You probably also might be interested in the App Inventor - CouchDB and App Inventor - MongoDB interfaces.

Amazon SimpleDBTM documentation and how to get started

Follow the Set up steps to get an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key and enter these keys into the 2 corresponding global variables in the App Inventor sources. To reduce data latency in your applications, select a regional endpoint to make your requests and modify the global variable endpoint in the App Inventor sources accordingly.

Working with Domains: Create a Domain

See the documentation how to create a domain.

App Inventor blocks

For questions about App Inventor,
please ask in the App Inventor community.Thank you.


Working with Data: Putting Data into a Domain

See the documentation how to put data into a domain.

Note: When you put attributes, notice that the Replace parameter is optional, and set to false by default. If you do not explicitly set Replace to true, a new attribute name-value pair is created each time; even if the Name value already exists in your Amazon SimpleDB domain.

App Inventor blocks


Working with Data: Getting Data from a Domain

See the documentation how to get data from a domain.

App Inventor blocks


How to build a SELECT expression

See the documentation how to build a SELECT expression. The Select operation returns a set of Attributes for ItemNames that match the select expression. Select is similar to the standard SQL SELECT statement.

App Inventor blocks


Further blocks used

The WebViewString property helps to simplify the example and we can pass parameters to the HTML file stored as asset inside of the app.

These are some further blocks used. Note: you can take a look at how the signing request works after buying the source code.


Tested successfully on Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.4.


You can test this functionality with the apk file, which is available for download here: Download SimpleDB apk file.

Buy the source code for App Inventor

You can buy the source code of this project.
With your payment you accept the terms and conditions below.

Payment options

1. Paypal

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2. Bitcoin

After having received your payment I will be happy to send the download link to you. Please let me know your Google account! I usually will send the download link not later than 24 hours after having received your payment.

Thank you! Taifun

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