App Inventor - MongoDBTM interface

App Inventor - MongoDBTM interface

Note: the RESTful API of MongoHQ unfortunately is not available anymore!

What is MongoDBTM?

MongoDB (from "humongous") is an open-source document database, and the leading NoSQL database.

What is MongoHQ?

MongoHQ is a platform for MongoDB hosting on the web.

This App Inventor example project uses the MongoHQ API
The MongoHQ REST API allows you to create and interact with MongoDB databases created on the MongoHQ platform with an easy to use JSON API over HTTPS. Thank you Henk for being the sponsor of this tutorial!

You probably also might be interested in the App Inventor - CouchDB and App Inventor - Amazon SimpleDB interfaces.

Getting started

To start using the MongoHQ REST API, you will need to do the following:

  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Once logged in, click on the My Account drop-down menu at the top-right, and select 'Account Settings'.
  3. Look for the section labeled API Token. From there, grab your token.
  4. Then in App Inventor put your token in global variable strApiKey.

Working with Databases

See the documentation how to work with databases.

POST database

GET databases

Working with Collections

See the documentation how to work with collections.

POST collection

GET collections

Working with Documents

See the documentation how to work with documents.

POST document

PUT document

DELETE document

GET documents

For questions about App Inventor,
please ask in the App Inventor community.Thank you.

Further blocks used

These are some further blocks used.


Tested successfully on Nexus 5 running Android 4.2.2.


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