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May 31st, 2016: Initial Version released

Aug 11th, 2016: Version 1a: avoid DX execution failed error: build each extension separately


This extension enables you to read all SMS from the inbox, draft and sent folders of the device.
Required permission: This extension uses the "dangerous" permission READ_SMS. What is a dangerous permission?
You have to ask for that permission before using its functionality. Note: This extension uses an undocumented and unsupported content provider, following this solution, which means, this probably will not work on all devices, see also Be Careful With Content Providers.


Read all SMS from inbox, sent and draft folder.

Note: The companion app does not offer the permission READ_SMS. Therefore you have to build the app to be able to use this block.


Event indicating that reading SMS from inbox, sent and draft folder has been finished.

The result will be provided in JSON format. You can convert the result into a list using the JsonTextDecode block from the Web component, see the example app below.

Structure of the result
The following information will be provided for each SMS:

Example App: Read SMS Test


you have to buld the app to be able to use this method!

after reading, you will receive the result in JSON format

after converting the result into a nicer format using address, body and date

Questions and Answers

Q1: How can I get and display the latest SMS received? I want to have a condition that it will display only the latest SMS that I receieved from a specific number.
A: convert the JSON format into a list of lists, then use a for each item in list loop to check each sms for that specific number, the first sms you find having that number is the sms you are looking for.

Q2: I wanted to perform SMS deletion from the device. Can I achieve this?
A: No, only the default sms app is able to do this, see also this stackoverflow answer.

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Download TaifunTexting extension (aix file)
Download Read SMS Test (aia file)
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