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Image Metadata Extension

Note: Unfortunately this extension is not compatible with Appybuilder, see also here.

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Jan 9th, 2016: Version 1 of the Metadata Extension released for App Inventor version ai2extensions6 and Companion version 235.cdk2.

Aug 11th, 2016: Version 1a: avoid DX execution failed error: build each extension separately


This extension reads the metadata of an image file. The extension uses the Metadata Extractor library from Drew Noakes. Thank you Drew! For supported file formats see here.
Required permissions: android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE


Get metadata from image file
Prefix the imageFileName with / (i.e. relative path) for an image file on the SD card. For instance /myImage.jpg will get the metadata of file mnt/sdcard/myImage.jpg. To get the metadata of an image file uploaded as asset packaged with an application (also works for the Companion) start the imageFileName with // (two slashes). If imageFileName starts with file:/// you can specify a complete path to the file.

Example Use

The metadata result is provided as nested list. The metadata is structured into different directories (see the highlighted directory values in the example png file). Inside each directory there are different tags and their values. You can get the value of a specific tag using the lookup in pairs block (see also below). In case you are not familiar with working with lists, this is a good opportunity to learn more about that...

Example App: Metadata Test

Example Image by Tom Hall, found on Flickr. Thank you Tom!

Example Image by jch2103 found in the forum (unfortunately not available anymore) to demonstrate geolocation data. Thank you jch2103!

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Download TaifunMetadata extension (aix file)
Download Metadata Test (aia file)
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