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Jul 19h, 2017: Version 1: initial release
Note: using the extension version 1 together with another Pura Vida Apps extension built between July 1st and July 20th might result in error message Unable to find TaifunTools component while opening a project. Use extension version 1a instead.

Jul 22h, 2017: Version 1a: new build using extension-specific directory in aix file


Extension to parse mathematical expressions.
Required permission: none
This extension uses the mXparser library Version 4.1. Thank you Mariusz Gromada for the mXparser library.
The functionality of this library is overwhelming. See the details of the mXparser built-in math collection here...

Main functionalities

Few examples of string equivalent to the math formula notation

screenshot taken from


Display the license of the mXparser library.


Parse a mathematical expression and return the result.

A very simple example

See also the video by azaotl Making a calculator in less than an hour using Taifun's Math Extension. Thank you azaotl!

Example Use

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Terms and Conditions

Questions and Answers

Q1: How do you access internal functions like e.getComputingTime()?
A: That's unfortunately not possible. You "only" can use the functionality of the built-in math collection.


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Download TaifunMath extension (aix file)
Download Math Test project (aia file)

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