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App Inventor - Linkedin interface

For the interface I followed the authentication steps using OAuth 2.0. Thank you Malcolm for being the sponsor of this tutorial!

The test app can list the current user profile and the connections of the current user. The result will be provided in XML format.
Note: This app is for demo purposes only and does not have any official Linkedin relationship.

Important Note as of Feb, 12, 2015: LinkedIn to limit public developer access to its APIs, which means for the interface, the authentication still is working and you can get some basic profile information.

Steps for the Setup

  1. Register your application, as Scope check the values you need, see the member permissions.. The test app uses r_liteprofile r_emailaddress w_member_social. The scopes must match the scopes defined in the app in procedure start. As OAuth 2.0 Redirect URL just enter a valid URL, e.g. in the test app I used
  2. After registering you will get an API key and Secret key, just copy them into the corresponding variables in the blocks of Screen1. Also enter the correct Redirect URL. As state, just enter a long unique string value of your choice that is hard to guess. Used to prevent Cross-site request forgery. Example: state=DCEEFWF45453sdffef424.

For questions about App Inventor,
please ask in the App Inventor community.Thank you.


Screen1, First Run of the App


App Inventor Blocks (Screen2)


Tested successfully on Samsung Galaxy A5 running Android 8.


Updated version as of Nov 6th, 2019:
You can test with the apk file, which is available for download here: Download apk file

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