App Inventor and the Activity Starter

How to download and install another app using the Activity Starter

Note: This solution once worked for older Android versions, how to do it with newer Android versions see this thread. Thank you Juan Antonio!

See also this thread Install an APK after downloading to ASD. Thank you Anke!

Thank you Peep for the info how to use the package installer!

Note: If you use this method in your app, anyone who is using your app will need to change the setting on their phone to allow installation of non-market applications: To find this setting on versions of Android prior to 4.0, go to "Settings > Applications" and then check the box next to "Unknown Sources". For devices running Android 4.0 or above, go to "Settings > Security" or "Settings > Security & Screen Lock" and then check the box next to "Unknown Sources" and confirm your choice..

App Inventor blocks

Download another app from Google Drive

Install the downloaded app

For questions about App Inventor,
please ask in the App Inventor community.Thank you.



Tested successfully on HTC Desire running Android 2.2 and Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.2

Questions and Answers

Q1: When I run the App, it downloads the file correctly but when I click on "Install" button I get "Error 601: No corresponding activity was found". I use Nexus 5 Android version 6.0.1 and set the phone to allow installation of non market apps. Would appreciate some advice.
A: It looks like the solution doesn't work for all Android versions (probably Android 6 and up).
I now received the following solution from Claudio: I solved in this way :

After executing the above blocks , a popup appears and ask to me with which application I want to execute the .apk file. I choose the package installer application and I click the "always" button. I have to do this only the first time. Done.
Thank you Claudio!

Q2: I just had a look at your App Inventor APK installation tutorial and saw that your "updated" method to this problem is not the ideal solution. Instead of DataType=*/* you should be using DataType=application/ This way, you don't have to choose any app which may cause some confusion. It should also work on any new device.
A: Thank you Phoenix1747!

Q3: How to make app a trusted source to allow app installs with API 26?
A: See this answer.
If an app uses a targetSdkLevel of 26 or above and prompts the user to install other apps, the manifest file needs to include the REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES permission:
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES" />
Apps that haven't declared this permission cannot install other apps.

Thank you Ken! See also a working example by Boban here here. Thank you Boban!


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